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Dyno Tuning & Diagnostics

At Cooltech, we believe that having the right tool for the job is only the beginning. That’s why you can count on Cooltech to provide customer service and professional diagnosis you might find at a dealership, but at a much more competitive price.

Cooltech Dyno Tune

jamesThere is not much point in installing a performance part, such as an exhaust, air intake, or making a change to the computer system without testing to see if there has been a noticeable improvement to the overall performance of your engine. At Cooltech Dynotune, we offer benchmark power tests, load tests, and ECU configuration so you can really get the best from your car.


ECU Diagnostics

Is your engine management light on? Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in performance or economy? At Cooltech, we’ve invested in state-of-the art Diagnostics computers and test equipment to provide the best possible service.

Got a warning light ?

#Have you had this warning light come on recently? It means that something is not right with your engine management system, and it could be much cheaper to fix than you think. With full system scans (including a diagnostic print out) starting from just $135, now is the time to get a Cooltech Health Check, and get rid of that pesky light!

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